Google+ New features to Give a Boost to Your Marketing Efforts

google-plus-360Google+ is generally misinterpreted as having been created to contend with Facebook. But there is a lot more to Google+ than people just their interpretations on. In fact, Google+ has a lot of features and functions and benefits for the end user that Facebook can barely keep up with. The tools that Google+ offers are exceptionally useful for marketers like me, but this also true that they are particularly not easy to handle.

Here is a few tips for using Google+ to help market your business better:

Google+ Embedded Posts

This is a great feature of the Google+ that allows you to publish your Google+ posts directly onto your blog. Usually, when you post something on Google+, it eventually gets lost somewhere in the news stream. By using Google+ embedded posts you can revive your post, more people will be able to see what you’ve posted on your Google+ when it’s included in a recent blog post. Isn’t that? On top of that, the Google+ posts you add onto your site can gather +1s (the Google+ version of a ‘like’) and shares from users who are visiting your site, this also boosts your SEO.

Google+ Auto Awesome

With Auto Awesome feature you can create GIF-like animated videos from photos and/or videos that you have on your smartphone or those you’ve uploaded onto your Google+ profile. The best part is, you don’t need to create the video what all you have to do is simply upload it onto Google+ and then wait for a few minutes for the video to be prepared itself. For using the auto awesome feature, you just need to download the Google+ app onto your mobile device and enable the Auto Backup, Auto Awesome, and Auto Enhance settings. Rest Google+ will do for you.

Hangouts on Air

This is a free video broadcasting service with which you can stream a live feed to your YouTube channel. It’s completely integrated with Google as well. With this feature of Google+ you can reach out to a larger audience. You can also visit Hangouts on Air Shows held by other Google+ users.

Google+ Circles

This feature allows you to fragment your audience into different categories. Depending on the circle and the type of content you want to share, you can instantly create circles that include certain group of people, like Friends, Acquaintances, Relatives, Customers, and so on. So, you are always in control whom to share your content with by your desired circle. For instance, you can share info on the latest promotions to the subscribers or potential contacts.Google+

+Post Ads

With the help of +Post Ads you can amplify your content to get conversations among more people. +Post ads create ads based on different Google+ posts and runs it all across the Google’s ad network. What it does is it encourages people to comment, join a hangout, +1 or follow you from within the context of the ad. In other words, the viewers don’t necessarily have to be in Google+ to be able to interact with you from within the ad. But recently google has added a rule to this feature that only the pages with at least 1000 followers only can create +Post Ads.

Use pictures

Pictures are great attention grabber, and Google+ you can do that far better than any other platform. The images you upload onto Google+ aren’t restrained to certain sizes and resolutions, like the ones you would upload onto Facebook or Twitter. Google+ doesn’t resize or crop out your image, so you can take full advantage of this feature by adding more uncropped and untouched visual content onto your Google+ page, which your audience would love to share with their friends.

Another great thing is that you can also use your Google+ account to store pictures from your phone? Google+ is a reliable place where you can upload images and delete them from your phone to free up some memory on your phone. Once the images have been uploaded onto Google+ you can then enhance them or edit them or create image galleries. If you like, you can even share all these pictures with some of your friends and Google+ circles.

Format your posts

Unlike Facebook you can let your readers know which parts of your posts are important by highlighting the text of your posts. For instance, you can try highlighting the keywords on your posts for added emphasis by adding “*” before and after the text to make it bold, and “_” to make them italic. Using these formatting tips, your readers can easily scan your posts for keywords that interest them, and probably they would also share your posts to their interest groups.

Keep the hashtags relevant

Just like the TwitterHashtags can also be used on Google+. By using the right ones, you’d find that reaching your target audience will be a lot easier. Google+ like Twitter also has its own set of trending #hashtags, so you can use any of the trending topics that relate to your business, and make your post more visible to the people looking for the products and services you are offering.

YouTube integration

You can easily integrate your youtube channel with your Google+ account to reach a wider audience in your Google+ circles. Nowadays, when you signup for youtube channel your linked Google+ account is automatically created. You can post YouTube videos into your Google+ posts. This can also act as twofold engagement since the comments people leave on your Google+ posts will also be posted onto the comments section of your YouTube video, which is good for the SEO purposes.

Plus you can see the growth of your website right on the Google+ dashboard, if you have set your social channels in your google analytics account.

Google has created a more or less a completely unique experience in being able to integrate so many features and functions within Google+. It offers many innovative new ways for your business to promote itself, and to engage with potential customers. Social media marketing is far more than just posting ads here and there. Companies and Brands need to be able to create an online presence to create meaningful interactions with their customers. And Google+ is definitely an excellent platform to do it!

Good Luck and Go Google+ !


5 thoughts on “Google+ New features to Give a Boost to Your Marketing Efforts

  1. Very informative, valuable post Krishan! I like how much you support Google+ with such logical, useful feature descriptions. I’m a huge fan of the platform, too, but have no time to actively use it. Thanks for the useful article!


    • Thanks Annaliese, actually I love technology when it is used for making human lives better, so far Facebook has the monopoly of social market or I can safely say that the biggest share of it. But since, Google+ came in I am huge fan of it. However, I do use Facebook as well but I am trying to make people aware about the benefits of Google+. This is an era of excellence and in online marketing there is cut-throat competition Facebook is ever quarter making its algorithm more complex to force people to buy its ads, and Google+ is still not in that race. So why should people waste their marketing money to feed Facebook people, use Google+ and get better results. I am sure that if people will start using Google+ facebook would have no other option to ease its advertising policies. Rather I am waiting for an entirely new platform which provide unbiased opportunities to everyone rather with huge money or with no money at all.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I happen to LOVE Facebook because of the ability to stay in touch directly with long-distance friends/family. I used to use the Pages feature for one of the companies I worked for, but I have yet to encounter the new algorithm issues now that I’m not working with Pages. I agree that Google+ needs a huge popularity boost so that it can advance as well as make Facebook ease off with their Pages policies. I’m not sure how likely a new platform will arise that isn’t based on making a huge profit though. Such is life these days in the USA.


      • If you remember Annaliese, few years back facebook outnumbered Orkut and people quickly shifted to Facebook, similarly when Whatsapp came in people were more inclined to Whatsapp because it was more convenient for people to stay connected with their friends and family on the go. So is the technology when it is designed for people’s convenience it is easily digested by people. However, me and a bunch of my friends are working on something for past 7 months, which I am sure will be great for the people who are fed up by paying to Google Adwords and Facebook. It would be absolutely free, it won’t bleed people’s pockets, what we are looking now to get some investors on board to infuse some money in this project because it is huge project and it needs a lot of money. Pray to God that we can make this happen.


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